The Architecture Studios

Dedicated studio spaces with inspirational views across the London skyline, used to develop students' skills and educate the next generation of architects

At LSBU, architecture students have their own dedicated studio spaces on the sixth and seventh floors of our Keyworth Building.

A professional space

The types of activities in our studios are very varied. Uses include 1:1 tutorials, hand-drawing group classes for first year students, seminars, presentations, model making, installations, and workshops. There are typically two or three tutors shaping the work of a small cluster of students; in the first year of studio, BA (Hons) Architecture students are taught together in a year group. After this students work in four vertical studios, and postgraduate students work in three vertical studios throughout their fourth and fifth years of study.

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Seminars and design juries/crits

The space supports seminars, which are informal group-based presentations and discussions, and design juries or 'crits' (critiques), which are the students' opportunity to formally present their work to their peer group, studio tutors, and a panel of visiting guest critics.

Crits are specifically designed to emulate the demands of professional practice, challenging students to develop the ability to verbally and visually promote their work as if they were presenting to a client. This helps build students’ confidence and communication skills, so they are able to articulately present a logical vision of studio design projects and taught course work.

The MArch Part 2 course at LSBU enables each student to develop their own interests and  direction in architecture, building a platform for the rest of your working life. We support a  diverse range of students from all backgrounds, learning the necessary skills to become a  world-leading socially equitable and environmentally responsible architect. We make graduates who make a difference to the built environment.

Professor Igea Troiani, Head of Division for Architecture

Technology workshops

Technology workshops are an excellent example of the collaborative teaching happening in the design studio.  Architecture students present their work to a cross-disciplinary academic panel that includes construction managers and engineers for feedback. This gives students of architecture invaluable experience of teamwork, co-designing, interpreting and responding to challenges, ideas, and insights raised by professionals from other disciplines.

Practical project work

Students take on a number of applied projects throughout their studies that are designed to enhance their core technical skills. They also gain exposure working in a cross-disciplinary manner that reflects the design process most commonly adopted in the sector, preparing them for the workplace after graduation.

Studio culture is integral to training strong architects. It is of course about creating an inspirational physical space – and with amazing views of the London landscape ours is certainly that. However, studio culture is also about developing a teaching and learning style that resonates with an architect's future professional practice.

Rossi, Federico
Federico Rossi, Associate Professor, MArch studio lead

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