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Tom Hull, alumnus, Certificate in Management and Diploma in Management Studies

Facing new challenges and opportunities in his career, Tom turned to London South Bank University to cement his project and people management abilities

As a middle manager at a climbing centre, Tom Hull was beginning to make the transition to senior manager, running a team of eight and tasked with project managing a new climbing centre.

Climbing the ladder

“It was a significant step up for me,” says Tom, “and I must admit I felt inadequately prepared. A relative recommended that I complete a CMI-accredited course so I began to do some research, and the course really provided me with the skills and the confidence.”

Appealing units

Tom’s investigation led him to the PG Certificate in Management Studies at LSBU. “The units looked very appealing and they met the gaps in my skillset,” he says. “The time commitment looked manageable, and the succinct summary and accessible costing meant I was able to successfully pitch it to my company, who agreed to fund my studies.”

Central location

It wasn’t just the modules that were ideal for Tom – our central location and longstanding affiliation with the CMI also convinced Tom that LSBU was the place for him.

Enjoyable experience

Tom’s research paid off, and he found the experience of studying at LSBU so enjoyable that, after a year's break to implement his new learning and focus on the new business, he returned to undertake our PG Diploma in Management Studies.

Engaging academics

“One of the best things about the course was the variety of skills and experience that the academic team had,” he says. “They were engaging and put management skills into context, even ones that felt unfamiliar or irrelevant at first glance.”

Direct impact

The skills that Tom was developing were also ones that he could immediately put into practice. “Each week I would come away from the course with a new strategy that could directly impact my workplace and staff,” he says. “It was also a great chance to discuss issues with other professionals and learn from the experience of your classmates as well as the academics.”

Expanding the business

It’s been an experience that has helped Tom move even further ahead in his career, where he is now manager of a Vauxhall climbing centre with 15 staff while also having responsibility for expanding the business. “I’m currently managing three live projects to open more climbing facilities,” he says. “Once they are open, I’ll step up to a regional manager role.”

Invaluable qualifications

Tom’s in no doubt that his Postgraduate Certificate and Postgraduate Diploma in Management Studies have helped him make progress in his career to date, and prepared him well for the future. “They’ve been invaluable to my role, helping me to make the current business a success and given my manager the confidence in my skills to increase my responsibilities to regional level,” he says. “What I have learned has influenced the strategies, operating procedures and ethos of the business I manage, and given me the confidence to make management decisions based on a wealth of industry knowledge and national standards.”