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Tim Eaton, MA Housing Studies

Prior to enrolling on the MA Housing Studies at LSBU, Tim Eaton had a good job working full time in account management for a corporate travel company

But deep down, he was keen to change career. "It was my intention to change careers, so I began looking for the right Masters degree to help me do that," he says.

"I was looking through the LSBU website when I found the MA Housing Studies course and I just knew that it was the right course for me, so I decided to take the plunge and apply for it."

After applying, Tim was impressed by his dealings with Course Director Diane Paice, which only confirmed his belief that LSBU was the right university for him.

Great experience

"As a mature student, it was a little daunting to return to full-time study but I threw myself into it and engaged as much as I possibly could in class," says Tim.

It has been a great experience to study again and has made me more disciplined in my approach. I've also made some great friends amongst my fellow students, who have really encouraged me to work hard and fulfil my potential on the course.

Work ethic

Tim's willingness to get involved was recognised by his fellow students, who elected him as their Student Rep, and his work ethic was clear for all to see. "It actually led to one of my work placements," he says.

"Through one of my fellow students, I was able to undertake a placement as a researcher at Camden Council. The role was to examine housing needs along the route of the proposed high-speed rail link from London Euston."

Work placement

The academic staff delivering the course also recognised Tim's clear potential, and worked hard to help him fulfil it. "One of my Senior Lecturers, Lynn Vickery, organised a work placement for me at Peabody in July 2012," says Tim.

"It was a great success and I learned a lot. After the placement ended, Peabody actually called me back to work with them for a further four months, which was a great way to gain valuable experience."

Prepared for challenges

After studying part-time for two years, Tim is now eagerly looking to the future "It's a challenging work environment to move into," he says, "but I feel that the skills I have developed during my time at LSBU, coupled with the work experience I can now demonstrate on my CV, has prepared me for the challenges that lie ahead. I can't wait to get started!"