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The attitudes and behaviours of obese adults

This study investigated obese adults in one London borough

Researchers recruited over 200 adults who are not patients, using street intercept methods.

There was a strong preference for services on the doorstep and there was little willingness to use primary care services for weight management. Although most participants strongly agreed that obesity is an individual behaviour that can be addressed by lifestyle changes, weight loss was perceived as difficult.

Changes often seemed impossible and the constraints of limited money and social dislocation were seen as insuperable.

Weight-loss education

The findings are being used to inform locally tailored package of interventions for weight management, health eating and exercise.

The project commenced in 2010 and completed in 2012. It has been carried out by academics from our School of Health and Social Care who are carrying out research under the theme of Community and Public Health within Primary and Social Care.

The funding body for this project is the NHS Barking and Dagenham.

Members of the LSBU project team include Prof Jane Wills, Prof. Nicola Crichton and Dr Ava Lorenc. To find out more about our academics search our People Finder. The other team member was Muireann Kelly.