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Teyeb Mohammad, Economics BSc (Hons)

With visions to create his own mentoring charity, Teyeb believes LSBU is the right place to encourage and coach him to success, and so far that's nothing but true

Teyeb initially was studying at another university but chose LSBU based upon his research and the positive experience he had of his first interactions with the University. 

A number of his friends are at LSBU and commented about how great their studies and course team were – which certainly matches up closely with the student satisfaction rates that the course receives.

A confident environment

Teyeb strongly believes that there is no other university out there that nurtures and harbours unborn talent to the extent that LSBU does.

“The more time that I have spent at LSBU, I now feel I am more confident and believe in my own abilities due to the coaching and support that the fabulous team at LSBU provides. The staff really do take time to find out what my career ambitions are, and how their expertise and the course can provide the support and development necessary to reach my ambitions.

In particular Dr Peter Luke has really helped provide numerous economic specific pieces of advice to enhance my subject understanding, and Mel Godfrey has been crucial in identifying opportunities to develop my self-efficacy and career confidence from a professional perspective.”

A dream opportunity

It is almost every student’s dreams to be offered a summer internship or opportunity to work at one of the big for firms, and Teyeb has been lucky enough to secure a 4-week summer internship at Ernst & Young, better known as EY.

Whilst it might be seen as lucky, Peter knows that it is really down to Teyeb’s devotion and work ethic. Peter comments on Teyeb’s enthusiasm to succeed and his opinion of the student so far.

“Teaching such a passionate and hard-working student such as Teyeb makes my role considerably easier, and much more rewarding as I can really engage with passionate students on a much deeper level, and they clearly put in the work before and after classes to demonstrate a clear understanding of the subject nature.

I am really happy to hear Teyeb has secured an internship, and wish him all the best for his summer at EY.“

Preparing to succeed

Whilst Teyeb notes how difficult the application process was for his internship with EY was, he specifically is thankful for one of the modules in his first year which specifically helped him prepare for the application process. 

‘Concepts of Management, previously known as Professional Competencies, introduces aspects of coaching. It develops your own personal development plan, and helps identify your strengths, areas for improvement, and develops your understanding of the professional world. In essence, the objective of this first year common module will prepare students for future success by exposing them to situations like application procedures, identifying core competencies required in work, and how to prepare for presentations amongst other things.

Exploring avenues to success 

Teyeb is strongly considering joining the economics society, but is well aware of a number of other opportunities available to LSBU students, but is focusing on his studies and preparing for his EY internship currently.
“Dr Peter Luke continues to share work opportunities and voluntary placements that we can take up, and I am aware of the economics society, along with membership to the Institute of Directors (IoD), along with the NIBs Competition. Really, the opportunities are endless!