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Temi Ahmadu, alumna, BA Tourism and Hospitality Management

Balancing the priorities of academia and student life: Temi Ahmadu discusses her time as Students' Union President and what motivates her to follow her passions

Temi has always had a strong connection to LSBU’s students. She has served as LSBU Students' Union President for the past year and is motivated by providing a better experience for LSBU students.

Getting involved at university

Temi decided to come to university to move forward and achieve her own life goals, settling on BA Tourism and Hospitality Management at LSBU: “I saw university as a great opportunity to seek out my passion and achieve something at a higher level.”

Before I chose LSBU I did my research and discovered the content of the course was perfect for me. When I joined, it was exactly as I expected.

Temi Ahmadu

Temi wanted to improve the experiences black students have in education and became involved in the African Caribbean Society. She was recognised for her work in the society and was voted in as BAME Students’ Officer, and then the LSBU Students' Union President for 2016.

“Getting elected by my peers, to be trusted to look after their affairs and given the power to impact their student experience and graduate opportunities is really quite a humbling experience,” Temi comments.

Drive and motivation

Representing current students in such a large organisation can be challenging, especially where an institution has such a diverse student body. Keeping note of the positive changes, no matter how small that has improved the student experience and taking pride in her role as president is what keeps Temi motivated.

“I’m proud to be part of a Union that has helped me grow and develop,” Temi remarks. “I have been able to engage with students from every demographic, creatively thinking and weighing up the benefits and impacts on a broad range of students. I thrive off helping students, adding great things to the student experience.

“I know I have mentioned the student experience many times, but I’m so passionate about this; coming to university should never solely be about the degree, the experience in itself should be amazing and formative.”

I passionately believe education is the best leveller in society… I wanted to be part of bettering the student experience and developing a university with a great track record for widening participation.

Temi Ahmadu

“I’m confident that I’m in the position to put things into place for the future, so the next generation can have an even better experience when attending London South Bank University.”

Future steps

With the 2017 student elections approaching, Temi is planning her next step and is hoping to start a Master’s degree to break into the hospitality industry.

Having used her last years at LSBU campaigning for change around the student experience, Temi got thinking about other issues she would campaign for, which includes increasing “self-love”: “Women face new pressures to be ‘insta-gorgeous’ 24/7. The pressure to be a wonder woman dogs us all: you’ve got to be a great mum, a good business woman, all to meet some artificial standard of excellence. What we are missing out on is time for ourselves.”

Her advice for current students is to seize the opportunities that come your way. “Just go for it," she says. “Have confidence. Everyone is apprehensive, but you’ll never win if you don’t get involved.”

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