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Rosie Bunting, MSc Mental Health and Clinical Psychology

Rosie’s clinical placement experience working for an NHS Trust has helped to solidify her commitment to making her career in psychology

After studying Psychology at undergraduate level, Rosie was unsure of the best way of using her qualification. Although dedicated and interested in her job working as a support worker for children with learning disabilities in a residential unit, she felt that her career was lacking a clear direction so she decided to do some research into options for further study.

Practical approach

During her search for potential postgraduate courses, she discovered LSBU’s MSc in Mental Health and Clinical Psychology. She was attracted to the course as it explored her areas of interest, but also because it’s a practical course that allows students to put theory into practice through relevant clinical placements. LSBU is able to support students in finding a placement through its strong connections with mental health support organisations such as the Cyrenians, Camden Mind and Hearing Voices Network UK, as well as with the NHS South London and Maudsley Trust.

The course provides a good overall picture of mental health and psychology, and the year-long placement looks brilliant on a CV.

Rosie Bunting

Placement experience

Rosie works once a week at Croydon Health Services NHS Trust, where she has a position as honorary assistant psychologist, working with the Croydon learning disability team. “My lecturer James Binnie helped me track down my placement, which so far has really shown me what’s involved working as a psychologist in the NHS,” she says. “It’s been a hands-on experience and I’ve been very involved in direct clinical work, which has been great.”

Rosie is working towards making initial assessments for clients, and is currently learning how to carry out assessments for autism and dementia. She’s also learning about how to undertake exposure work, or therapeutic interventions. “The trust is supportive and teaching me a lot, with the aim that I’ll be able to work with clients on my own,” she says.

Exceeded expectations

“In some ways I wasn’t sure what to expect from the course, but the lecturers on the course, particularly Paula Reavey and Zoe Boden are so engaging and passionate on the subject,” she says. “It’s a lot of work but it’s helped to solidify my understanding of the role of psychology in the health service and, although it’s cliché, I’m really enjoying what I’m studying.”

I'm really excited about the ‘experts by experience’ module – I’m especially keen to hear Jaqui Dillon who's a prominent voice in the Hearing Voices Network.

Rosie Bunting

Sense of purpose

Rosie is quick to highlight the difference between this course and studying psychology at undergraduate level. “During my first degree I felt the study of psychology was detached from its practical application, but this course shows how knowledge is used, as well as developing theoretical understanding, which is what I exactly wanted from my Masters.”

After graduation Rosie is keen to continue to work as an assistant psychologist, with a view to perhaps becoming a clinical psychologist in the future. “This course has made me think about doing a PhD too, to take my career to the next stage. It’s great to be engaged and have a clear sense of purpose – and I have to credit the course with that.”

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