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Rebecca O'Neill, CIDD Summer School

Rebecca ventured outside the UK during her break from university with the CIDD Summer Programme

Rebecca has had an interest in business from an early age, fascinated by its ability to affect individuals on a day-to-day basis. With a long summer break ahead of her she was keen to gain insight into the US business world first-hand.

"I was persistent about leaving the UK for the summer," Rebecca explains, "but wanted to gain something out of it rather than just travel and spending money. I mentioned this with my lecturer, Stephen Bellas, and he told me about the Consortium of International Double Degrees (CIDD) summer programme."

Embracing the US experience

The CIDD is an international consortium of business schools. It promotes international business education and research while establishing strong links between business schools and companies.

The member university in the US is Coastal Carolina University and their Summer School is specifically designed to enrich students' knowledge about the culture and current business and economic environment in the United States. Once there, one of the first things to make an impression on Rebecca was the university campus, which was double the size of a UK university and had a range of facilities including a high tech gym, swimming pool, sports grounds and running tracks. The programme included full use of the facilities as well as her accommodation, meals and organised trips. "I definitely feel that I got my money's worth," says Rebecca. "I also went on some great trips, including a baseball match, cinema trips, aquariums, crocodile sanctuaries and golf lessons."

Building world knowledge

The programme brings together students from Germany, Italy, Russia and Turkey for a multifaceted approach to understanding current trends. Lectures were very informative. There was a written assignment to do every week, followed by a presentation. On Fridays, they left the classroom behind them and visited local businesses in the Myrtle Beach area.

"The final essay I wrote," explains Rebecca "was based on management by motivation. After visiting many firms in the US I couldn't help but notice how crucial motivation really is for any business. Their culture is all about motivating students, staff and keeping a consistent flow of positivity."

Enhancing employability

Rebecca found the entire experience extremely beneficial, both personally and professionally. She had the opportunity learn a wealth of business knowledge while experiencing the lifestyle of America's east coast – captivated by its wildlife and beautiful beaches.

Uncertain of what to expect from the programme, Rebecca found herself pleasantly surprised at the knowledge she gained and is quick to recommend the programme to students. "I would recommend the CIDD summer programme to any student wanting to broaden their knowledge on American culture and business practices as I personally found it very insightful."

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