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Priscilla Adefisoye, alumna, LLB Law Student Ambassador

Priscilla has found being an LSBU Student Ambassador to be a rewarding and flexible role which has boosted her confidence and helped improve her CV

After living and working in Germany, Priscilla Adefisoye moved to the UK to seek new opportunities. She spent a while working, then began looking for a university to further her studies, and it wasn’t long before she found out about LSBU.

“A friend of mine happened to have studied Law at LSBU, and some of his friends – who had studied different courses – also recommended it to me,” explains Priscilla. “I looked into it, and thought it would be a good match for me – I consider myself a multi-cultural person, and LSBU is regarded as one of the most diverse universities in the country.”

Impressive facilities and dedicated lecturers

Priscilla was impressed by the facilities on offer to legal students, as well as our graduate employment rate, and her high opinion of LSBU was only raised further when she attended one of our popular Open Days.

‘The Student Ambassadors that I spoke to gave me an insight into how Law is taught at LSBU,” recalls Priscilla. “I was impressed by the dedication and enthusiasm of the lecturers themselves, and was determined to make the most of the opportunity to study somewhere that could develop the skills I already possessed as well as teaching me new ones.”

Having graduated from her LLB Law course, Priscilla is pleased to say that those early expectations were met in full, and that she was not disappointed by her LSBU experience.

Many positives

“There were many positives to my experience at LSBU, but I think that the best part of my course was getting to know influential and inspiring people, including well-known judges and solicitors who gave me a great understanding of what it is to be a lawyer,” says Priscilla. “There were plenty of events and talks held during my course that made my studies that much more interesting, and there were lots of opportunities to boost my CV and gain experience away from the lecture theatre.”

Legal Advice Clinic

One such opportunity that Priscilla feels prepared her for the real world of legal advice was our Legal Advice Clinic. “The application and interview were the hardest I have ever had to confront,” says Priscilla. “The placement was a 36-hour contract that could be completed in a period of time that suited you, so it could fit around your studies and other commitments.”

Priscilla ran weekly sessions of two to three hours over a period of four months, and feels that the placement gave her the chance to learn empathy as well as sympathy. “I became aware of the importance of being non-judgemental, and of understanding what clients were going through,” she says. “I grew in confidence, and strengthened my transferable skills. At the end of the placement, I was awarded a certificate, along with other benefits including a reference.”

Life as an LSBU Student Ambassador

After having such a positive experience with LSBU Student Ambassadors at the Open Day she attended, Priscilla worked as one herself for two years while she was studying with us. “To be honest, I wanted to earn some money while I was studying,” she says, “but I also thought it would be a good way to get to know people and boost my confidence – as well as improving my public speaking.”

As well as the skills she gained (and the money she earned), Priscilla feels that being a Student Ambassador is about giving something back – especially as she recalls that her own Open Day experience as a prospective student was made much more useful by the involvement of Student Ambassadors.

Different events

“There are lots of different events you can work at,” says Priscilla. “There are Open Days, Taster Days, Prep for Uni, and more. You can find yourself responsible for delivering presentations on topics such as student life, student finance, the application process and much more. Presenting is something I really enjoyed, as was interacting with potential students to make them feel comfortable in a new environment.”

Meeting new people and improving your CV

As Priscilla thought, being a Student Ambassador is also a great way to meet new people. “I enjoyed the social side of being an ambassador – meeting lovely people from your own course, or people from different years or courses was an excellent part of the experience,” she says. “It helped me to learn things that were nothing to do with my own legal degree, which made a nice change.”

Priscilla would recommend being an ambassador to other students because it is rewarding and flexible. “You decide which events you want to work, and the University staff are very friendly,” she says. “You’re basically being paid to acquire skills, improve your CV and make friends! I wouldn’t miss out on an opportunity like this – it’s a complete no-brainer and I’m very glad to have been a part of such a great scheme.”