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NHS workplace wellbeing initiatives

Local NHS workplaces recognise that staff well-being is key to productivity, performance, engagement and the patient experience

They have set up a comprehensive range of interventions to improve wellbeing including physiotherapy, cognitive behavioural therapy, mindfulness and mental health awareness training for managers.

LSBU provided an independent evaluation of the impact of these interventions on staff well-being, stress, mental ill-health and sickness absence.

Project personnel

The project commenced in 2012 and is due to complete in 2013. It has been carried out by academics from our School of Health and Social Care who are carrying out research under the theme of Community and Public Health.

The funding body for this project is the South London and Maudsley NHS Trust. Members of project team include LSBU academic Prof. Jane Wills and Muireann Kelly. Visit our People Finder to learn more about LSBU academics working in this theme.