LSBU Group Newsletter

Group strategy and vision

Outlining our future

As LSBU’s current five-year strategy comes to an end, we have now developed a new way forward for 2020-2025, covering the whole Group – not just the University.

That’s why we’ve been so keen to get your views through the Shape Our Future workshops. Whatever your role in the LSBU Group, we all have a part to play in making this strategy a reality.

The staff-led workshops in November and early December, proved to be a fantastic way to get people together to learn from each other by sharing experiences and opinions.

We’re finding people are proud of what we’ve achieved together so far, and excited about how they can help the Group achieve even more.

Our previous university strategy was right to anticipate a much tougher environment, with more regulation and more competition, and yet we have managed to achieve some major success in those five group of LSBU staffyears:

  • We are recognised as a leader in higher and degree apprenticeships, and the opening of the Passmore Centre, with investment from Southwark Council, has created a dedicated resource that will have a lasting impact on the local community.
  • Our research income has doubled, and we are London’s leading provider of business support for small and medium-sized employers (SMEs), funded by European Union structural funds.
  • We are second only to UCL in London for Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTPs) and our business incubation programme ranks second among all UK universities.
  • We have been named Entrepreneurial University of the Year, and University of the Year for Graduate Employment (twice).
  • Our global reach is increasing with inclusion in major international university rankings and our transnational student numbers have grown from around 100 to over 5,000.

On top of all this, we have started to lay down our new Group structure, which can differentiate what we do even further, creating new opportunities to grow our offer to students and employers and to benefit our staff and the communities we serve.

Building on this success, the new Group-wide five-year strategy includes the opportunities that each part of the Group brings to ensure we deliver: Access to opportunityStudent Success, and Real-world impact.

It also introduces a new strategic pillar, Fit for the future, recognising the need for us to adapt to the digital agenda, the new organisational structure and changing stakeholder expectations.

Each part of the Group will set out its own vision as part of this mission and create its own detailed institutional plan to deliver these outcomes, and there will also be Group-wide plans that support joint working.

The information in this newsletter article is intended for LSBU Group staff only. Whilst every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information supplied in this article, London South Bank University cannot be held responsible for any errors or omissions.