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Miguel John, alumnus, Business student and Graduate Intern

LSBU's Graduate Internship Programme is a great way for Graduates to hone their skills and bolster their CV, Miguel John tells us about his internship experience

After graduating with a BA (Hons) in Business Administration, Miguel found the job market challenging. He started thinking about how he could make his CV stand out from the crowd, when an email from LSBU arrived containing the solution he was looking for.

Email opportunity

“I’d signed up for email updates from LSBU that could help me with my career, and after looking for work for a while, I realised what an invaluable opportunity the Graduate Internship Programme was,” says Miguel. “I needed more practical experience to bolster my CV, as well as gaining new skills – so I decided to give it a go.”

Miguel applied and was shortlisted for two opportunities. “It was a nice confidence boost, and after looking at the roles, I decided to progress with an opportunity at the National Federation of Roofing Contractors (NFRC),” he says.

Market research project

After a successful interview, Miguel got to know the organisation while working on the reception desk.  From there, he moved on to helping with smaller tasks such as chasing membership fees, mailing letters, dealing with customer queries and consolidating potential customer details.

“After that, the new CEO asked me to carry out some market research,” says Miguel. “He knew I had studied marketing as my final year pathway for my degree, so that became the focus of my internship. I used several resources I was familiar with to create a marketing report and provide raw data to the organisation.”

“Actually working for a real organisation will bring the things you studied on your course to life – as well as boosting your confidence and making you more employable.”

Miguel John

Transferable skills

As well as putting his skills into practice, Miguel feels he got a lot out of his internship. “I’ve learned to trust my instincts, and that everything can be improved with a little extra time or effort – the first ‘final’ copy is never the real final copy,” he says. “I’ve managed to transfer my good interpersonal skills into a new context, and gained confidence – something that I feel has helped me to secure the job I have now.”

Miguel was also able to learn from the experiences of other interns, thanks to monthly meetings at LSBU for all interns. “It was good for self-development,” he says. “We would interact and discuss our experiences at our workplace, which I found helpful and a welcome addition to the Graduate Internship Programme.”

Challenging convention

Miguel’s advice to others considering the programme is to make the most of the opportunity. “Work hard, and build on whatever you may think you already know,” he says. “Keep an open mind, and don’t be scared to voice your opinions or suggestions because it is a two-way relationship where you are learning from each other – so challenging convention and breaking the mould is nothing to be scared of.”

Bringing your course to life

Miguel recommends the Graduate Internship Programme to other students and graduates looking for extra insight and experience. “Actually working for a real organisation will bring the things you studied on your course to life – as well as boosting your confidence and making you more employable.”

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