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Melissa Kasilian, alumna, BA (Hons) Photography graduate

How our modern approach to photography is keeping our students on the cutting edge

Like many disciplines, the art of photography has undergone huge changes in recent years thanks to technological advances, and Melissa Kassilian was keen to find an undergraduate degree that reflected the skills needed by the modern day photographer. 

"The LSBU course interested me because it focused primarily on the digital side of photography," she admits. "Other courses still had modules looking at film photography, but graduating as a photographer is very different now to how it was ten years ago. It's really important to be up to date with skills in Photoshop and retouching images."

Our central London location was another factor that attracted Melissa, because of the proximity of galleries, exhibitions and events. "I love how central the campus is," she says. "The possibilities open to a practising photographer in the city really excited me."

Outstanding portfolio

Helped by an outstanding portfolio and a First Class Honours degree, Melissa landed a role as medical photographer after graduating from LSBU, and is quick to pay tribute to the role her degree has played in shaping her early career in photography. 

I enjoyed working with a diverse range of lecturers and teachers, many of whom were practising artists themselves. It enabled me to share ideas and thoughts on different projects, and to understand how they might be taken in the real art world.

Perfecting her style

In the coming years, Melissa plans to establish herself well in the field of medical photography and become an integral part of the hospital she will be working in. She is soon being the given the opportunity to train in the US to further her understanding of the new advanced equipment she will be using in her new role.