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Matt Vance, PGCE Primary with PE

Matt was looking for a course to combine his passion for sport and develop his career as a teacher; he found both along with a placement experience to remember

With a BSc (Hons) in Sport and Exercise Science already under his belt, Matt Vance found himself looking for a teaching qualification that would allow him to build on his love of sport and physical education, but also give him the opportunity to pursue a broader teaching remit.

“I chose LSBU as they offered a specific course relating to physical education in a primary school setting,” says Matt. "Studying for my PGCE with a PE specialism at LSBU meant that I am able to teach generally, or as a specialist in physical education.”

Quality work placements

Like many of our PGCE students, Matt placed a lot of value on the quality of the work placements that are available, thanks to our excellent links with schools both locally and further afield. 

“During my PGCE, I completed several placements in local schools,” recalls Matt. “These were undertaken in a mixture of observational and practical capacities, so I was able to watch experienced teachers in action as well as putting what I had learned on my course into practice."

My placements helped me to develop as a student teacher, as well as improving my knowledge of teaching pedagogy and learning.

Matt Vance

Learning abroad

When it comes to the highlight of his time at LSBU, however, Matt is in little doubt. “I undertook a placement abroad, in Thessaloniki, Greece,” he smiles. “It was an enriching experience that really helped me to gain a greater understanding of education in a foreign setting.”

While working in Greece, Matt was able to teach PE in a broad set of age ranges; a fantastic opportunity to add to his understanding and experience. “I taught at primary Key Stages 1&2, Secondary Key Stages 3 and 4, undergraduate and postgraduate students,” he says. “I was able to draw upon their knowledge and vast experience to broaden my own.”

To widen the cultural exchange, Matt was asked to teach the Greek students British sports, so found himself teaching netball at all age levels, as well as taking games and dance lessons. He feels it was an important part of a degree that he is happy to recommend to others.

Approachable staff

“Studying at LSBU has given me the tools I need to achieve my ambitions,” he says. “The staff are approachable, and the London setting provides you with plenty of opportunities to experience education in different settings. In particular, I found the support and knowledge imparted by some of the tutors on the course to be particularly useful, and I have now secured a job starting in September.”