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Lucy Hobson, alumna, from DMS to Master in Business Administration

Lucy Hobson was working full-time in the NHS and felt that her career needed a boost – achieving an MBA from LSBU opened doors to awards and promotions

For an organisation as complex as the NHS to function properly, the roles of managers is essential – but their work can often be overlooked. Lucy self-funded her studies at LSBU to further her career in the NHS.

Higher qualifications

“I had an undergraduate degree already, but I felt that higher qualifications would help me to feel more comfortable in a business environment, and that in turn would further my career,” says Lucy. “I began looking around for a course that would suit my needs, which is how I found out about the part-time Diploma in Management Studies at LSBU.”

Excellent location

Lucy initially considered a number of options, but opted for LSBU for a variety of reasons. “The location is excellent, and it is easy to get to,” she says. “I also asked other students what they thought about it, and they were very positive. It all led me to decide that LSBU was the right place for me.”


With the NHS unable to fund her studies, Lucy funded herself on the course – but soon displayed such an aptitude for the subject that she progressed to studying our Executive MBA. “I’d performed well enough on the Diploma to secure a scholarship towards the MBA,” she says. “It was enough to convince me to go for it, and I’m so glad that I did.”

Career progression

After completing the Diploma in Management Studies and Executive MBA, Lucy has now secured four promotions within the NHS – something she feels is down to the skills and knowledge she developed at LSBU. “I’m now an 8B Service Manager for Acute and Emergency Medicine: Specialist Medicine with the NHS, and I definitely think that the things I learned on my degree have contributed to my progress,” she says. “What’s more, I think I’m well placed to keep climbing the career ladder.”

Student Rep

Lucy put a lot of effort into her time at LSBU, acting as a Student Rep for her intake and winning an award for work she completed as part of her Diploma. “I’m also a student member of the Institute of Directors, and have worked hard throughout my studies,” she says. “I won an award at work for a project I completed as part of my Diploma as well.”

Positive experience

Lucy is grateful to LSBU for the help and support she received during her studies. “I had a really positive experience at LSBU,” she says. “It was a very different experience to my first degree. I felt welcomed, supported and encouraged, and the academic team is very knowledgeable. I really feel that my time there has helped me to progress in my career.”