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Lisa Brown, Chartered Manager Degree Apprentice

Lisa Brown is a Chartered Manager Degree Apprentice. The course has helped her to develop the skills to lead and manage people, projects, operations, and service

I would recommend the Chartered Manager Degree Apprenticeship (CMDA) at LSBU to my colleagues. The course helps to shape an individual in the workplace to develop skills to lead and manage people, projects, operations, and service.  I have worked at the Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Trust for 15 years and have been able to access training throughout my time here.


LSBU is very centrally located and has outstanding facilities.  Since I started the programme I have been fully supported by the apprenticeship teams at the Trust and LSBU.

I’m looking for this degree level apprenticeship to help consolidate, enhance and develop my 15 years of experience at the Trust. I am positive that I will be more of an asset to the organisation and to my colleagues by combining my experience and the knowledge I am gaining at LSBU.

Flexibility is key

Attending university one day a week gives me the flexibility to work and further my learning at the same time although this is challenging.  It’s a big commitment for almost four years, but I know I can do it. I find contributing one day a week pushes me to make sure I am taking full advantage of that day and getting each task done. I am also meeting new people and gaining new experiences.

I have met and spoken with students and tutors from so many different countries; Ecuador, Russia, Germany, Iraq, and the conversations about their culture and countries have been fascinating.

Career benefits

This apprenticeship programme has benefited my work by broadening my understanding of many different subject areas. For instance, actually being taught the theory of economics and understanding how international markets work is eye-opening. The same goes with marketing and the theory behind that. Linking these theories with my role is helping me better understand how other departments in the Trust work.