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Keshav Ooriah, MEng (Hons) Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Student Ambassador

Being an LSBU student ambassador means developing new skills and finding new opportunities, as engineering student Keshav Ooriah has discovered

We think that there’s no one better to talk about life as an LSBU student than an LSBU student themselves. That’s why, each year, we recruit as many students as we can to become Student Ambassadors – helping us to spread the word about life at LSBU, and encourage people to take that step into higher education.

Our Student Ambassadors are an essential part of what we do, but many, like MEng Electrical and Electronic Engineering student Keshav Ooriah, get as much out of the scheme as they put in.

Developing skills

“Being a Student Ambassador not only looks great on your CV, but it can also help you to develop your skills,” says Keshav. “I’ve worked at Open Days, taster days, how to apply evenings, mentored at a primary school and worked in the student call centre to call applicants. I’ve presented at the staff conference, and demonstrated my engineering project to secondary school students.”

Diverse activities

Through undertaking such a diverse range of activities, Keshav feels his communication and presentation skills have really developed – and his career prospects are reaping the rewards. “I’m a different person to when I arrived at LSBU,” he says. 

Being a Student Ambassador has developed me so much, and I value it as much as the skills I have developed on my course. I’m a better presenter, and I’m used to socialising with people and having the confidence to speak up in a room full of strangers. 

Keshav Ooriah

Work placement

Those are skills that Keshav found especially useful when he applied for a work placement at Airbus, a company that receives 6,000 applications from all over the world for just four places. “The selection process was as competitive as it sounds, but LSBU helped me through the process,” says Keshav. “As well as ensuring I had a really strong reference from my Course Director, I received plenty of help and advice from the Employability Service.”

That assistance – and Keshav's own ability – helped him to reach the assessment centre stage, where he had to complete psychometric tests and give presentations to Airbus. It is here that his experience as a Student Ambassador really proved its worth.


“I’d already been through an assessment centre experience as part of my Student Ambassador application, so that prepared me well for what to expect,” says Keshav.  “In general, I just felt comfortable with the process I was going through because I had experience to draw on, which others in the process might not have had. In particular, my confidence and experience was boosted when it came to presenting, and I was delighted when I was offered a place on an Airbus placement.”

Keshav hasn’t looked back. Airbus continues to be impressed by his progress and they are keen to offer Keshav a place on a graduate scheme when he finishes his degree.

Great experience

“I feel great about the whole experience,” says Keshav. “I love planes, and didn’t think twice about accepting the offer when it came. I’ll be involved in avionics engineering, testing parts of a new plane – the A350. I’ll be working out of Bristol to test landing gear systems, flight control systems, fuel systems, and modifying and repairing electric circuit boards.

“I might also have the chance to work in Toulouse, and I think that my time as a Student Ambassador has played a big part in helping me secure what is going to be an amazing experience.”

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