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Jodine Williams, Psychology Graduate Diploma

After experiencing first-hand the amazing work that Sports Psychologists can do, Jodine decided to apply for a Psychology Graduate Diploma at LSBU through Clearing

Clearing gave budding entrepreneur Jodine Williams the chance to pursue her lifelong dream of becoming a sports psychologist.

Jodine, who has recently set up a social enterprise through London South Bank University's (LSBU) Entrepreneurship in Action Scheme (now called Spark), decided to apply for a Psychology Graduate Diploma at LSBU as she was looking for a university that could not only offer her an accredited diploma, but could give her in-depth knowledge which would enable her to pursue a career in Sports Psychology.

The Clearing process

"I wanted to continue on my educational journey to eventually become a Sports Psychologist after completing my undergraduate degree, so I decided to apply for the diploma at LSBU as the course content looked really interesting and is accredited by the British Psychology Society." Jodine then opted to apply through Clearing.

I was actually in Belgium during the time I applied for the diploma course at LSBU through Clearing and thought it would be a long and stressful process, particularly as I was abroad. It turned out to be a lot simpler than I thought and the Clearing staff were so friendly and helpful.

Jodine Williams

Forging a career

Jodine, from the London Borough of Newham, was a budding athlete in her early teens and excelled in track and field. After an injury to her ankle, she was referred to a sports psychologist to aid her in her rehabilitation. It was during her successful treatment that Jodine realised what she wanted to do as a career.

"During my time in sport rehabilitation, I was treated by a sports psychologist who left a lasting impression on me. I was impressed with how comfortable I was made to feel and how much the psychologist helped me through a difficult time. I would like to help other vulnerable athletes going through going through a similar situation as I did and offer the correct rehabilitation to get them back to top form."Jodine's social enterprise, WeEmpower, helps secondary school children in Newham gain life skills through a series of workshops and peer mentoring. She is also a sports ambassador at the LSBU Academy of Sport where she assists in organising spring and summer camps for schoolchildren.