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Jannel Abellana, alumna, Accounting and Finance BA (Hons)

As a young child, former LSBU student Jannel Abellana found herself increasingly fascinated by numbers, her mother’s accounting job and everything it entailed

“I’ve always had a passion for numbers, and even from a young age I knew I wanted to be like my mother and do the same job,” says Jannel. “That’s how I started dreaming of becoming an accountant.”

Clear direction

With a clear direction in mind, Jannel knew what she was looking for from her university. “I want to go for my ACCA qualification, and a degree from LSBU offers me nine exemptions, which is a great offer compared to other universities,” she says. “I also knew that the business courses at LSBU are well thought of, thanks to feedback from friends who had studied there and my teachers at college.”

Great time

Jannel certainly enjoyed her time at LSBU. “I had a great time there,” she says. “The lecturers were helpful and supportive, and went the extra mile for their students. In my first year, the course director arranged individual meetings to talk to us about how we were coping with our new environment – things like that just made me feel more comfortable that everything was going to be okay.”

Summer internship programme

As well as the help and support she received as part of her degree, Jannel enjoyed the opportunities to develop her practical and professional capabilities during her studies. In particular, she recalls our summer internship programme as a highlight of her time at LSBU.

Really important to students

“I find it strange that not all universities offer a summer internship programme, because it is one of the things I think is really important to students,” she says. “I learned a lot of things on it, and it made me think about which side of accounting and finance I should work in. We experienced financial planning, financial accounting, payroll, procurement and payables by giving us two-week rotations in each department.”

Confidence and motivation

Jannel credits the programme with giving her more confidence and motivation. “It inspired me to sharpen my focus, and to study even harder to make sure I reach my goals,” she says. “It really made me aware of the opportunities that I could have after graduation. The screening process for the summer internship programme was really tough, as it reflects a real job application, but it was a great experience.”

Continuing her career

At the moment, Jannel is busy with an even more important job than accountancy – looking after her three-month old baby. However, she aims to continue her career in June, when she intends to be back on the job market.

Finance assistant

“Before I had my baby I was working as a finance assistant in a private hospital, making sure patients were billed correctly and processing consultants’ monthly fees,” she says. “I also worked doing accounts for sole traders – registering their companies and submitting their accounts online.”

Firm foundation

Jannel’s plans for the future are clear. “I aim to finish my ACCA qualification within five years, and get into one of the leading accounting firms in the UK,” she says. “I think that my degree at LSBU has given me a firm foundation, and will help me to achieve the goals I have set for myself.”