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Ivan Pastore, PGCE Primary with Physical Education

Ivan Pastore found himself running his own business while working as a gymnastics coach, but was keen to make teaching an even bigger part of his life

“I’d always been keen about getting into teaching, so I began looking around for the right opportunity to do so,” says Ivan. “LSBU’s PGCE Primary, specialising in PE, was the course I really wanted to study. It particularly appealed to me because it would allow me to focus on the area I feel I can truly make a difference in – Physical Education.”

Work placements

 A key part of the PGCE at LSBU is the work placements available, which enable students to put what they have learned into practice, enabling them to graduate with the skills they will need as newly qualified teachers, as well as helping them to make better informed decisions about the type of teaching environment that will best suit them as practitioners.

Developed his role

Ivan completed a number of placements during his studies, in both observational and training capacities, and feels that the experience has developed his role as a trainee teacher.

“In addition to the placement opportunities I had in the UK, I was also able to complete a teaching placement abroad, in Thessaloniki, Greece,” says Ivan. “I funded the experience myself, but it was only made possible because of connections within the university.”

Enriching experience

During his placement, Ivan planned and taught lessons in netball, dance and gymnastics to students in a variety of age ranges, from primary schoolchildren to undergraduate and postgraduate university students. “The visit to Greece was a really enriching experience,” he says. “It gave me a real insight into the way education is delivered in a foreign country, and that is something that not many PGCE students get the chance to experience, so I feel very privileged.  While I was over there, I was also able to observe the PE specialists teach, drawing upon their knowledge to broaden my own.”

Valuable experience

With such valuable experience behind him as part of his PGCE, Ivan is optimistic about the future, and believes that his time at LSBU will stand him in good stead when it comes to finding work as a newly qualified teacher. “I hope to have a long and successful career in teaching,” he says, “and I think that LSBU has provided me with the tools and knowledge I will need to do just that.”