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Inês Isidro, BA (Hons) English with Creative Writing

The cultural opportunities available to her in London encouraged Inês to move from her native Portugal to study English with Creative Writing here at LSBU

After graduating from High School in her native Portugal, Inês Isidro had to make a firm decision about what she wanted to study next. “I actually had no idea what I wanted to do next when I was seventeen,” she admits. “But I’d always enjoyed writing as a hobby. I decided to try and turn my passion for books into the kind of career I knew I would enjoy.”

Art lover

As an art lover, Ines knew that she wanted to live and study somewhere near to lots of cultural opportunities, and an Open Day at LSBU confirmed that she was making the right decision. “After I saw the facilities here and spoke to the Course Director, I knew I was in the right place,” she says.

Perfect place to study

Now at the end of the second year, Inês still believes she is studying in the perfect place for her. “Having a campus in a central London location is fantastic if you are studying this kind of course,” she says.

Being in London means I get access to the newest opportunities very quickly, and I’ve been applying for placements and looking to gain experience in a cultural setting in the area

Inês Isidro

Striving to improve

The eclectic and cosmopolitan setting of LSBU is also ideal for creative students, in Inês’ opinion.

LSBU is open to every culture, every age, and every area of study. LSBU is really committed to helping us to become what we want to be, but that isn’t just an attitude it projects onto the students – it is one that the LSBU takes very seriously and applies to itself too.

Inês Isidro

She continues, 'LSBU is always striving  to give us an even better place to study. I honestly can’t imagine myself studying anywhere else.”

Employment opportunities

Like any budding author, Inês hopes to have her work published in the future, but the practical and focused nature of the degree means that she is also perfectly placed to pursue other employment opportunities in the publishing world. “I’m hoping to find a job in a publishing house when I graduate,” she says. “LSBU has really helped me to develop my writing and critical skills on a daily basis, so I feel really well prepared for the future.”

Cultural heart of London

Based in the cultural heart of London, we attract creative students from a variety of disciplines – another way that Inês feels her time at LSBU has prepared her well for her future. “I’ve been working as a student ambassador since the end of my first year,” she says. “It’s been a great way to network with students from other courses and countries. As well as helping me to develop a variety of skills, it means I’ve had the chance to work with some wonderful professionals – especially writers and illustrators. I really feel that I have a good web of contacts that I can rely on in the future.”