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Holly Wright, BSc Psychology (Child Development), joined through Clearing

A year into her degree, Holly Wright decided she wanted to transfer to a university in London and was pleased to find that LSBU had the perfect course for her

Holly was previously studying at a university in the Midlands when she decided to explore options in London. LSBU ticked all the boxes and she applied to the university through Clearing. For Holly, comfort was a vital part of choosing where to study – London was a comfortable commute from her home in Kent and LSBU offered many of the opportunities she was looking for.

Making the right choice

Completing her A-levels in English, Psychology, Biology and Chemistry, Holly had a wide choice of options to study. From all of them, one subject always stood out. "I wanted a specific course related to Child Development within Psychology in the London area," she explains. "When I came across LSBU and found the course, it fitted perfectly with what I wanted."

Holly has always had an interest in psychology and a passion to help others, especially children, and feels confident that the course LSBU offers will enable her to achieve this goal. She wants to focus mainly on helping children in acquiring language. "My ambition is to have a successful career in this respected field and conduct research in my area of interest which will one day be published."

Following extensive research, Holly found LSBU to be the right fit and was surprised to find that, as a transfer student, she could apply through Clearing. She found the experience extremely easy and received guidance throughout the entire process.

Clearing made clear

"At first I did not realise I could use Clearing for things such as transferring. I think that there is a misconception of Clearing being a rushed process but it was actually a really smooth experience. The LSBU team was really helpful and I even got the opportunity to speak to a lecturer who showed interest in my personal experiences and goals.

"University is such a massive learning experience, both academically and personally, which no doubt has helped develop my communication skills.

"My favourite thing about studying at LSBU is my course; I really enjoy what I study and am looking forward to my final year. The lecturers are so inspiring and fantastic at connecting with and supporting the students."