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Heerbode Zahedi, alumnus, BA (Hons) Accounting graduate

"Ask as many questions as you can, attend as many events as you can, and use the resources available to you at LSBU" -  Heerbode on maximising your potential

As Heerbode Zahedi narrowed down his degree options, he knew that he wanted to study Law or Accounting, and eventually opted for the latter, which proved successful.

“I was better with numbers,” he explains. “I’d spent a couple of years working in a variety of jobs in Dubai, but knew I wanted to return to education.”

He’s currently experiencing both success in his career and personal life, after recently completing the London Marathon and getting closer to becoming a fully qualified ACCA accountant.

However, while he wasn’t exactly sure what he wanted to study, Heerbode did know which university he wanted to attend – London South Bank University (LSBU).

“My father was a student at LSBU, and he always spoke of such happy memories,” he explains. “I felt a strong connection with the university myself, so it was an easy decision to study at the same place as him.”

Professional exam exemptions

Heerbode found that there were a number of advantages to his BA (Hons) Accounting degree at LSBU, not least of which is our accreditation by the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA).

“Because the course is accredited, I received ACCA exemptions,” he says. “Anyone wanting to become a certified chartered accountant would need to complete a total of 14 exams as well as securing three years of work experience.  Thanks to studying at LSBU, I was exempt from half of the exams, which gave me a great headstart!”

Heerbode also benefitted from the professional focus of the course in other ways too.

“The focus is on preparing you for the work environment, rather than just teaching for its own sake,” he says. “LSBU helped me to improve in the right areas so that I was an attractive proposition for employers.”

It’s an approach that clearly worked for Heerbode, who was able to start his career almost as soon as he graduated. “I’m now working as a Finance Associate at a market research company,” he says. “It involves dealing with international clients and suppliers, specifically the US, which I really enjoy. Knowing financial rules in other countries is an interesting challenge, and I enjoy the challenge of communicating with people from different backgrounds and cultures.”

Accounting fundamentals

Heerbode is also in no doubt that he wouldn’t be where he is today without his degree from LSBU.

“I wouldn’t even have been considered for my previous jobs without a degree,” he says. “Even my current role needs a lot of technical skills that I developed as part of my studies. Accounting fundamentals are key, and having that strong foundation from LSBU has been invaluable.”

In the future, Heerbode aims to start his own accounting firm, as well as launching a platform that helps students to develop their employability or start their own business. Maximising potential is something he is clearly passionate about, as is demonstrated in his advice to current students.

“The biggest mistake I have seen students make is when they turn up for class and head straight home afterwards,” he says. “LSBU offers so many workshops, events and societies that you can take advantage of. Employers aren’t just looking for a good degree any more. They want to see accomplishments and strong qualities in candidates. Ask as many questions as you can, attend as many events as you can, and use the resources available to you at LSBU. That’s the best way to develop your CV and your character – get out of your comfort zone!”