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Hayley Perez, PGCE Primary

How the varied work placements available on our PGCE programme have helped Hayley Perez prepare to inspire the next generation of learners

After completing her undergraduate degree in Childhood and Youth Studies, Hayley Perez knew that she wanted to move into teaching. “I always wanted to work in a profession where I can use my expertise to help as many people as possible,” says Hayley, who worked part-time as a teaching assistant prior to coming to LSBU.

Ideal choice

“The PGCE Primary at LSBU was the ideal choice for me,” she says. “The course offered a wide range of learning experiences, and the combination of university-based lectures with school placements meant I would gain valuable knowledge and teaching experience during my PGCE.”

At the interview day, Hayley was further impressed by the attitude of the academic staff responsible for delivering the course. “They were positive and welcoming,” she recalls. “They also showed a passion and knowledge about teaching which gave me added confidence in my decision to study at LSBU.”

Academic knowledge

Hayley’s confidence was entirely justified, as she found out for herself when she started her PGCE. “The course doesn’t just give you academic knowledge,” she says, “but brings teaching into the 21st century through powerful lectures on the most important issues affecting children and their education today." 

The enthusiasm of the lecturing staff for teaching, along with their personalised support and high level of support puts students at ease and allows them to become confident teachers who are ready to educate and inspire.

Hayley Perez

Work placements

As part of her PGCE, Hayley undertook two separate work placements, which she credits with helping to prepare her for life beyond the lecture theatre.

“My first placement was as a reading mentor,” recalls Hayley. “During it, I was able to build strategies to support a child with their reading. The placement taught me the value of planning ahead in order to achieve high-quality teaching and learning outcomes.”

Hayley’s second work experience placement was in a school for children with special educational needs, and provided another rewarding and valuable experience that enabled her to put her studies into action. “The placement was very fulfilling,” she says. “I was able to develop as a teacher through delivering lessons in an engaging way to meet the needs of the pupils in my class.”

Overcoming challenges

By learning to differentiate appropriately, Hayley was able to overcome challenges through effective behaviour management, something she had learned as part of her PGCE. In doing so, she was able to develop teaching strategies and her confidence increased accordingly – so much so that the outcome of her placement was a grade of ‘outstanding’.

Inspiring children

With her PGCE under her belt, Hayley is looking forward to starting her career as a teacher. “I want to inspire children to be the best they can be,” she says. “I really feel that LSBU has supported me in becoming a great teacher, but even more so, it is allowing a generation of children the opportunity to succeed through an increased awareness of equality and diversity.”

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