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Guido Costantini, MSc International Business, LSBU alumni

Feeling he lacked an international perspective in his academic CV, Guido Costantini decided to study at LSBU. He graduated in 2008 with a distinction

Guido found the course was perfect for him: it offered students the option to study for a few months in Mainz, Germany; Bangkok, Thailand; or Chennai, India. He was looking specifically for a programme held near Mainz, Germany which combined the opportunity of studying in London. This made LSBU the natural choice.

Captivating subjects

Guido loved meeting fellow students from other countries. "The best thing about LSBU was collaborating with students from a wide variety of ethnic, cultural and academic backgrounds. There's much more to be learned from personal interaction outside the classroom than from international human resource behaviour books!"

One of Guido's favourite modules was International Finance. "It was by far the most complicated, but also most interesting module, and the fact that I was studying it during the sub-prime worldwide financial meltdown made it more captivating."

Positive experience

Guido enjoyed his time studying at LSBU. "My experience at LSBU was very positive. The multicultural environment and classes involving group-work were stimulating.  Everything was well organised and structured."

Completing his dissertation made Guido particularly proud.  He praised several teachers on the course, whom he found easy to reach for clarification and feedback. Read more about student services support at LSBU.

Progressing at work

In 2004, Guido started working at SOGIN, an Italian company active in nuclear decommissioning and waste management.  In 2007 he moved to the International Relations department.  Since then Guido has been a member of the Italian Governmental delegation at the International Atomic Energy Agency General (IAEA) conference four times. He has also co-authored the European Nuclear Energy Forum (ENEF) National Programs guidelines for the implementation of the EURATOM/2011/70 waste directive.

Instrumental to my career

Guido attributes much of this success to the skills and experiences gained during the course.  "Returning with an International Business degree from London was instrumental in my selection by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs to staff the presidency team of a G8 sub-group for the, then, upcoming Italian Presidency of the G8. That selection has pretty much shaped my career over the last four years."