She has founded (and runs) three successful arts-based businesses in St Kitts, an achievement that contributed to her winning an International Women's Day Award for Entrepreneurship in March 2013.

"Winning the award was a great honour," Genieve recalls. "I felt proud and humbled all at the same time! Being a self-employed businesswoman is hard work, but it is also what I like to call 'heart work' as it revolves around your passion and 'round-the-clock' efforts."

Passion for the arts

The businesses that Genieve runs all reflect her passion for the arts. "The first business I founded is called LEAP (Learning and Empowerment through the Arts Programme)," she says. "It is now home to 232 artists, with members' ages ranging from just two years old into their mid-40s. After that, I founded ACE Management and Consultancy, dedicated to professional services in the arts, entertainment and culture arenas. Last but by no means least is the Heart Foundation, a charity for disadvantaged and disabled children."

Unique angle

Genieve is quick to pay tribute to the role that her LSBU education has played in her success. "I decided to study at LSBU because it was in the heart of a vibrant city that was recognised across the world for its thriving arts and entertainment industry. The university held many important, relevant accolades and the course itself married my interest in the performing and visual arts with a unique angle in business management," she says.

Solid foundation

Genieve firmly believes that her time at LSBU paved the way for the success she has enjoyed since, and she urges anyone considering a similar career path to follow her example. "Set a solid foundation for yourself," she says. "Build from a sound formal education, as well as work experience. Knowledge coupled with know-how is a major plus, but it is also important to love what you do."

Entrepreneurship is no easy quest, nor is it a set or final career destination. Instead, it is the ongoing pursuit of translating your dreams and passions into purpose, plans and reality.

Road to success

While studying at LSBU, Genieve also made the most of the extra-curricular activities available to our students. "I enrolled in the Arts & Media Society," she recalls. "My membership provided additional learning and social experiences to add to my studies."It's her passion for what she does that drives Genieve on, and her advice to those looking to follow in her footsteps is to work in a field that they truly enjoy. "Some people think that success leads to happiness," she says. "My career has proven quite the opposite. What gives you joy will place you on the road to success."