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The ESOL overseas-trained nurse

The term ESOL is often used to embrace people who are English speakers of other languages

The globalisation of nursing recruitment means that many nurses now working in the UK obtained their nursing qualifications overseas in countries where they were taught in a language other than English.

How they differ

Such nurses are now undertaking degree level study but little is known about how their teaching and learning experiences are similar to or different from those nurses who undertook their nursing qualification in the UK and are also now undertaking post-registration degree level study.

Their experiences have been explored as well as those of nurses who did their primary nurse education within the United Kingdom. Finally, the views of nurse academics teaching such mixed groups were solicited. This project was funded by a faculty small project award.

The internally funded Faculty research project commenced in 2012 and was completed the same year. It was carried out by academics from our Faculty of Health and Social Care  department, working under the theme of Workforce Innovation, Development and Education. Members of the LSBU project team include Dr Louise Terry and Graham Carr. To find out more about them, search our People Finder. Another team member, Linda Williams, also collaborated on this project.