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Ella-Louise Hayes, BA (Hons) Drama and Performance

From primary schools to prisons, teaching with drama can shape promising futures. LSBU graduate, Ella-Louise, praises her course and its Applied Theatre module

What made you choose Drama at LSBU?

My brother was studying at LSBU and told me about the Drama course. It was also the only university which I saw that runs workshops with frantic assembly, who I love. I also wanted to study in London so it was perfect for me.

What made you choose the Applied Theatre module?

I have always known that I wanted to be a teacher so the Applied Theatre module was perfect for me.

I also knew that I wanted to write an essay on theatre in prisons and the influence it has on the inmates and when we were told about the module it was one of the options that we might have been able to do.

How did you find the module?

I really enjoyed the module, it was really interesting learning about different practitioners in the field of applied theatre. Although we did not go into a prison we did go into a primary school which I absolutely loved.

How has the module helped with your future career?

It gave me a slight feel of what it is like in a school setting and how rewarding it can be to become a teacher. It also helped me to start thinking about creating workshops for students and making sure that they are fun and engaging which was also really helpful.

Although I have known that I wanted to work in a secondary school specialising in drama it did make me think for a split second that I might also give primary school teaching a go as well because I really did love it.

What are you doing now and where do you see your career going?

I am now a trainee teacher in Hertfordshire at a secondary school. Hopefully after this year I will pass this course and start my career teaching. I am also hoping after about 5-10 years in teaching to maybe see what it would be like to teach theatre in prisons and also maybe try and become a drama therapist for younger children. I really want to try a variety of different jobs which all revolve around helping young adults and children and using drama to do that.