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Carolin Schneider, MSc Criminology and Social Research Methods

After completing her Bachelor's degree in her native Germany, Carolin Schneider was keen to add some international experience to her educational journey

"Studying my Master's degree in a foreign language was a new challenge for me, and one that I was really looking forward to," she says. "Once I started looking for the best place to study, LSBU really stood out, thanks to its great reputation within the Criminology industry."

Excellent reputation

With Carolin funding her studies through a combination of her own money and a loan, it was essential that the course would deliver everything that she needed to get her career off to the best possible start. "The content of the course was very important to me," she says, "so the fact that the modules cover a vast area in Criminology was essential. The teaching staff have also been great since I started – everything backs up the excellent reputation that the course has."

Help and support

The help and support that LSBU has provided to Carolin has been gratefully received. "Studying in a new country is a very different experience, of course," she says. "But the support is very good. The tutors on the course have been very helpful, which I have really appreciated."

Fabulous location

It isn't only the course that has lived up to Carolin's expectations though – studying in London has been every bit as enjoyable as she had hoped it would be. 

There's a great diversity of people that makes studying at LSBU really interesting and exciting. And the location is fabulous – we are so near to central London and just a few minutes' walk along the Thames can take you to some of the most beautiful attractions in the world.

International knowledge

Once she completes her degree, Carolin hopes to return home to Germany and put her newly-developed skills and knowledge to use. "The international perspective that I have gained as a result of studying in a different country has added a different dimension to my CV, and will really make me stand out in the job market. I'm hoping to return home, and find a job in Germany where I can put that international knowledge into practice."