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Bradley Chippington, BA (Hons) Photography

Despite starting his career as a hairdresser and hairdressing teacher in Colchester, Bradley Chippington retained his long-time passion for photography

He had discovered this passion during his Photography A-Level, and was keen to expand his knowledge even further.

"I really wanted to excel in a career as a photographer; to be the best I could be," says Bradley. "I wanted to expand my artistic creativity in an environment where I could learn from others, meeting new people and opening new doors for me as a professional."

Excellent reputation

With that in mind, a number of Bradley's friends recommended he look at our BA (Hons) Photography. Thanks to the excellent reputation of the course and our central location, Bradley agreed made the course a great match for him and was delighted when his application was accepted.

Great contacts

"If you want to work as a photographer, London is full of opportunities," says Bradley. "I've been able to make some great contacts as a result of being here, and have also gained some really useful industry experience. I've worked for Kenton Magazine for two years, volunteering as a photographer during London Fashion Week and on product shoots with their editor Colin Dawidzuik. I've also worked in a studio assisting a senior photographer, and ad hoc as a retoucher for various people."

Working opportunities

As well as adding experience to his CV and enabling him to put what he has studied into practice, Bradley believes that the working opportunities available in London offer another benefit to LSBU students. "The money I have been earning has helped me to fund myself through university, along with my student loan," he says. The ability to earn money doing something relevant to their studies is something that many students find beneficial, as it stops them needing to look outside their chosen industry for work.

Photographic practice

"It's a good way to learn," says Bradley of the combination of academic study and hands-on experience. "At the start of my degree, I didn't rest on my laurels – I got out there and found experience myself. Then, over the time I have been studying, I found I was learning more and more from my tutors, and they have influenced me a great deal in my photographic practice."

Passion for photography

Ask Bradley what he hopes to achieve in the future, he is quick to set his sights high. "World domination?" he replies, grinning. "If that's not realistic, then I do feel well prepared to maintain a strong drive and passion for photography, working across editorial, commercial and project-based photography. One day, I'd love to leave my own small stamp on the artistic community."

New projects

Bradley has already made a start o that particular ambition, with his final year project The Invisible Campaign attracting significant global attention. "My project looked at the issue of domestic abuse in male gay and bisexual relationships," he explains. "It was a bold, bloody piece that concentrated on destruction and violence, and included a website, posters, social media and a series of short films. It built from my initial project 'Trauma', which touched on the personal aspects of my own experiences." The interest the project attracted suggested that Bradleys artistic direction and message had hit a nerve, with appearances on BBC Radio Wales and BBC Breakfast, as well as interest from American publications and the LGBT publishing world. 

What next?

Bradley's immediate plans involve broadening his horizons literally as well as metaphorically. "I'm always looking for new projects and work that interest me," he says. "I'm constantly researching new areas. At the moment, I'm looking at taking some time out to travel the world after university, starting in Cambodia – taking my camera with me, of course!