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Ben Sharples, alumnus, BA (Hons) Game Cultures

How the practical nature of our course has helped one student further his career in the industry

Although he was working full-time for Ubisoft Reflections in Newcastle, Ben Sharples was keen to develop a wider understanding of the video games industry. "My CV was missing an undergraduate degree, and I felt that getting one would make me more employable in the long run and help me to perform better in the short term," he explains.

Production of video games

Ben's requirements when it came to study were quite specific, however. "I didn't want to study general media theory or computing science," he says. "I wanted a course that really focused on the production of videogames, so LSBU's BA (Hons) Game Cultures really appealed to me."

Unusually for a video games degree, our course allows you to concentrate entirely on video games production – for three years, our students live and breathe video games, something that clearly appealed to Ben.

Study in London

"I was also really keen to study in London as well," says Ben. "So the location was absolutely ideal too – right in the middle, with lots happening on and off campus." 

The facilities at LSBU were just fantastic as well. The games studio and the library were particularly invaluable tools for me, but it was the way that LSBU taught me HOW to work that has really helped me in my career since.

Extra experience

During his summer breaks, Ben returned to Ubisoft Reflections to supplement his income and gain extra experience, and found the practical nature of his studies to be extremely useful – factors that have continued to help him now in full-time employment after graduating.

Aiming for success

"I now work as a Designer for Foundry 42 in Wilmslow, part of Cloud Imperium Games," says Ben. "I aim to succeed there and progress my career as a Games Designer, as well as creating and publishing games in my own time. I'd like to expand my area of expertise into film, television and music as well, and think that LSBU taught me a method of working that still serves me well today."