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Barbara Sarfo Adu, Alumna, BSc (Hons) Tourism, Hospitality and Leisure Management

Studying an Economics Tourism course during high school in Italy led to Barbara’s interest in the tourism industry. And she's reaped all the benefits here at LSBU

"During my diploma I had the opportunity to do placements in different high-end hotels, which gave me a clear idea of what I wanted to do as a career, and I knew that the degree would increase the skills and knowledge I had already gained,” she says.

Career preparation

With a clear idea of what she wanted from her future, Barbara explains why she chose the course she did: “I wanted to prepare myself as best I could for a successful career within the industry, and chose the Tourism, Hospitality and Leisure Management course because it fitted into my career path, because I knew it would challenge and stimulate me, and help me reach my potential in the industry.”

A university of opportunities

Although moving to London was a personal challenge at first, Barbara says it soon provided proof of what she was capable of.

“It’s a university located in the heart of the city and surrounded by thousands of opportunities, and one that accepts diversity. The best thing about studying there was the passion and love of my lecturers; they stimulated me to the extent that I have never regretted, not for a single moment, the course I chose.  Additionally, the facilities provided make studying at London South Bank University so much easier.”

Gunning for success

Currently working as an occasional tour host for Arsenal Football Club where she sells tickets to visitors, assists them during their visit around the stadium and museum, Barbara is also employed as a Student Ambassador for LSBU where she represents the University at events. “What I like about my job is that it gives me the opportunity to be in the midst of people all the time, interact with them and make use of my knowledge of the two modern languages I am fluent in. 

Both of my roles are stimulating and will help me reach my potential,” she explains. “My degree has helped me to become very business-minded and I have many ideas. I observe and analyse situations better, have become well organised, manage my time efficiently and now know how to prioritise tasks.”

A future mapped out

With both her degree and current roles helping Barbara to build on her skills and knowledge, she is certain that her future will involve doing what she loves the most.

“What I hope to achieve in the next five years is ALL I deserve to have. I hope to either be working permanently within the tourism, leisure and hospitality industry with a great position, open a travel agency where I can provide services to potential holiday makers or build my own hotel, guest house or B&B back in my homeland Ghana. My degree will surely help me achieve this and is definitely one of the important parts of the puzzle that will help complete the whole set. I would say that it has indeed been the journey starter.”