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Antonino Mallaci Bocchio, BSc (Hons) Economics with Finance

Keen to capitalise on his interest in economics, Antonino believes that LSBU’s blend of theory and practice has proven to be the perfect platform to start his career

With a keen enthusiasm in economics, financial markets and geopolitics, Antonino Mallaci Bocchio also believes that economics can be found in every aspect of our life. Indeed, Antonino feels that through economics we are able to rationalise the way we live, function and behave.

“The Economics course gives you an incomparable edge to start your career, and is a perfect mixture of theory and practice applied in real case scenarios. Another benefit is the fact that most of the lecturers call on previous careers with leading institutions,” he says.

Attracted by the entrepreneurial spirit

Antonino says that he chose LSBU because he is truly fascinated about LSBU’s entrepreneurial spirit. “I firmly believe that LSBU is the right institution to grow both academically and professionally, and it is a place where you can be innovative with the right combination of hard work, commitment and resilience. The teaching staff on the programme are extremely helpful and dedicated to delivering excellent teaching standards.

There is a high degree of interaction between lecturers and students, which is unequivocally motivating and inspirational at the same time. Dr Peter Luke, Christina Anderl, Dr Gurjeet Dhesi and Dr Washad Emambocus make an excellent economics team. They are extremely accommodating and keen to support and stimulate every single student in the department.”

Gaining additional experience

As an enthusiastic learner, always willing to further his knowledge, last summer Antonino applied to a summer school at the London School of Economics with a specific focus on fixed income securities and the debt market. “Despite the highly competitive application process, I managed to successfully be accepted by leveraging very high grades on my first year of studies at LSBU. Moreover, this summer I have achieved an advanced level 5 Diploma in Trading and Financial Markets Analysis issued by The London Institute of Banking and Finance.

Thanks to my extended studies in Finance, I was able to secure a role as a global markets analyst intern at Amplify Trading. During my time at Amplify, I formulated daily intra-day strategies across multiple asset classes, rotating through fixed income, forex, equities and commodities. I also performed as a Portfolio Manager, applying multiple trading and hedging strategies in different markets climates. Thanks to my extensive professional and academic background in finance, I am now extraordinarily enthusiastic and ready to pursue a career in the financial industry.”

The right place to be

Antonino is certain that LSBU was the best place for him and says that “If you are looking for an institution that offers everything that you need to become what you want to be, then LSBU is unquestionably the right place. Living and studying in the heart in London is also very advantageous because of the close contact with relevant firms and institutions.”