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Antonella Cossu, BA (Hons) Drama and Performance

Antonella Cossu is studying BA (Hons) Drama and Performance - she's also busy making a name for herself in the industry and writing her own play

Many of the students on our BA (Hons) Drama & Performance course tell us that the practical, applicable skills they pick up mean they are in a great position to put their own ideas into practice even before they graduate. Third year student Antonella Cossu is quick to agree – her first play is about to open and she is also putting the finishing touches to one she has written herself. 

“The creative side of the course is certainly one of the most enjoyable things about studying at LSBU,” she says. “Learning how to make a show from scratch and the multimedia performance modules are really useful skills to develop as a student.”

Practical experience

This practical experience is backed up by our excellent facilities, which Antonella considers another big plus about studying at LSBU. “The theatre and studios where we practice are better than most professional theatres I have worked at,” she says.

Theatre jobs

It was experience that certainly came in useful when Antonella found herself applying for theatre jobs during her summer holidays. “I was shortlisted to be part of the ‘Script Accelerator’ programme run by Park Theatre,” she says, “and it was there that I met Sharon Burrell – the founder of a production company called ‘To The Moon’. I worked as an assistant director and designer with her on ‘The View’ by Steve Arber, while also training as a stage manager with Park Theatre – which meant I was also able to work in the same role for the Script Accelerator Showcase.”

Permanent role

It didn't take long for Antonella’s skill, creativity and enthusiasm to impress Sharon even further. “After a few weeks, Sharon offered me a permanent role with To The Moon, and now we’re working together on the production of ‘Claustrophobia’ by Jason Hewitt,” says Antonella. “It will open at the Hope Theatre on November 17, 2016. I was also made Park Theatre Representative – a role which means I would go and see plays on their behalf and establish whether or not they were suitable for the Park Theatre to host.”

Chosen profession

For many students, being so involved with their chosen profession while still studying would be enough of a challenge to take on, but Antonella still feels she has more to give and is penning her own play as well. “It’s from a very personal experience, and is the story of the last encounter between a grandmother and her granddaughter,” she explains. “The action unfolds through a series of short stories that are told on that very special night.”

Thanks to my course, I found out what I really wanted to do in life – to become a successful playwright and theatre director. All I’ve done is acted on it. That would be my advice to anyone considering study at LSBU – dare to be the person you wish to be.

Antonella Cossu

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