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Adam James, BSc (Hons) Architectural Technology

Adam James came to us as a mature student; thanks to his degree he's been able to make a positive change in his career and has learnt some valuable new skills

While many students have a clear idea of the degree they would like to study and the path they need to take to achieve their goals, for others it can take a little longer to discover the ideal career for them.

Adam James is one such example. He was operating a small specialist glazing company, installing skylights and glass roof lights. His role included carpentry and building work, but he wanted to become more involved in architecture and interior design – a career path that necessitated a university degree.


“I actually applied to study BA (Hons) Architecture at LSBU,” says Adam, ”but the university felt that my background would be more suited to BSc (Hons) Architectural Technology. They were really proactive in offering me a place on an alternative degree, and the location was perfect for me, so I enrolled.”

Flexible and helpful

Like many mature students, Adam needed to find the right balance between work and study, and was pleased to find that LSBU recognised the challenges faced by mature students – and was flexible in helping him overcome those difficulties. “I took a part-time job in a surveying office I my second year,” recalls Adam. “They offered me a placement but I decided that I would rather take a year out from my studies, which LSBU supported. I came back more focused, and ready to complete my final year.”

The support I was given throughout my study was reassuring. As a mature student, I found LSBU to be really encouraging and helpful.

Adam James

Gaining experience

Focused is certainly the word. Adam graduated with a first-class Honours degree, and won two awards along the way, and is now employed as a technical designer for an interior design and build fit-out company, Rubicon Interiors. “My degree has really helped me get to where I am today,” he says. “I gained experience of using the right software, and learned how I can add value to a business with the skills I learned in managing and streamlining the design phases of a construction project.”

Making a difference

Like many LSBU graduates, Adam has been able to make a difference from the day he started his career, and he is understandably proud of the improvements he is making to his employers. “I’ve introduced hardware and software upgrades through a computer system audit,” he says. “That includes the introduction of 3D software into areas of the business where it had not even been considered before. I’m also developing CAD standards and introducing BIM workflows into the business – I feel as though I have a lot to offer, and am able to use my skills fully to help improve the business.”

Achieve your goals

With such a strong start to his new role, and experience of having changed career, Adam is well-placed to offer advice to anyone else thinking of studying a degree to take them in a new direction. “Go for it, and don’t doubt yourself,” he says. “Stick with it, and you will achieve your goals. It can be hard, but if you trust yourself and keep going, your effort will be rewarded. It might sound like a cliché, but you will get out of it what you put into it. With the right application, you can change your life forever.”

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