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2012 Olympic Paralympic Games Sexual Health Services

LSBU provided an independent evaluation of the provision of planning of public health interventions and support provided for sexual health services for the Olympic Games

The evaluation consisted of three phases. The first was a documentary analysis of the planning process, to produce a description of the process. The second was an online survey of key stakeholders to explore their perceptions of the success of MBARC's work and experiences of planning for sexual health at Games time. The final phase used in-depth interviews with selected stakeholders to explore emerging issues in more detail.

What was involved?

Over 100 documents were analysed, 39 people responded to the survey and 12 were interviewed. 

The project report will be part of a suite of reports to inform future major events and Olympic planning.

The project commenced in 2010 and was completed in 2013. It was carried out by academics from LSBU's School of Health and Social Care who carried out research under the theme of Community and Public Health.

The funding body for this project is the Michael Bell Associates Research and Consultancy. Members of the LSBU project team are Prof. Nicola Robinson and Dr. Ava Lorenc.