LSBU student prizes

What is No Barriers to Brilliance?

No barriers to Brilliance is LSBU’s fundraising and philanthropy manifesto which sets out a clear description of our philanthropic support ambitions over the next 3 years. Fundraising activity will focus on four main themes designed to introduce opportunities around prizes, bursaries, group-wide interventions.

Prizes will represent the first theme delivered within the programme, from the 2020/21 academic year.

Why student prizes?

An academic prize programme can provide the financial and psychological boost needed to motivate hardworking and focussed students to push their own expectations and excel in their studies. Added to that, is the provision of a resource that recognises achievement in the face of adversity, experienced by so many LSBU students. Our prize programme will recognises and celebrates a range of student achievements, boosts their self-confidence, improves teaching and learning standards and showcases their potential as the future workforce for the employers receiving their CVs. A prize helps acknowledge and reward, as well as helping students on their journey to success.

What does a student prize look like?

A No Barriers To Brilliance prize is defined as 'a sum of money or a specified article awarded to a student for academic achievement or other special category while studying for a degree, diploma or certificate at the University.'

A prize is valued at £1,000, a sum of money designed to provide a significant financial and psychological impact to the student recipient by alleviating some of the financial pressure often experienced over their course of study.

Who can receive a student prize?

In most cases, prize recipients will be selected following summer exam boards verification for categories including ‘Best Graduating Student and Best Dissertation’ Other prize nominees will be identified by Course Directors where students have overcome adversity whilst persevering in their studies.

We are also happy to discuss where individual donors may also wish to discuss specific prize categories they may wish to support.  As such, all students may be eligible to receive a prize nomination.

Who can donate to support a student prize?

We are working hard to increase our supporter base and would welcome new partnerships with individual donors – alumni and friends alike – as well as corporate partners, trust, foundations and charities wanting to positively influence opportunities for LSBU students.

What are we asking donors to give?

1) gifts of £5,000 spread over 5 years to award specific non-permanent prizes will enable 5 students to receive £1,000 awards

2) one-off gifts of £1,000 will enable a student to receive a prize as part of the annual awards cycle.

3) any other financial contribution will go towards building the prize fund, thereby safeguarding awards to all nominated prize students.


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