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What is No Barriers to Brilliance and why does it exist?

'No Barriers to Brilliance' is LSBU's fundraising and philanthropy manifesto. It has been translated into a Case for Support, otherwise known as a philanthropic investment prospectus; a clear description of what LSBU hopes to achieve with philanthropic support. Our Case for Support is a simple plan, used to engage internal and external stakeholders. It provides the foundation for all fundraising and philanthropic activity between 2019 – 2022 and is supported by a range of other materials, including full costings for project activities.

Why 'No Barriers to Brilliance?'

Our students, have often had to fight that much harder and overcome that much more just to get here. They are resilient, tech-savvy workers and entrepreneurs who get things done, and who find opportunity in adversity. But they don’t always fit the traditional academic mould, and many face obstacles that most of us have little idea or experience of. With automation, AI and the gig economy leaving employers in need people who can keep pace with – and lead – change, we exist to meet the demands of the changing workforce and to break the barriers that hold back brilliance.

Why does LSBU Group need to fundraise?

Despite the barriers, our students turn up, achieve and go on to have brilliant careers across all areas of work. The evidence is clear, we are the first university to have been University of the Year for Graduate Employment twice, in 2018 and 2019. But how many more students could succeed and how many more employers could benefit if those obstacles were easier to overcome, or didn't exist at all? The kind of change we’re striving for takes vast amounts of human spirit and energy and comes at great financial cost.

What are we fundraising for?

Student prizes; bursary awards; a group-wide mentoring scheme; and customised interventions to remove barriers to inclusive learning. With an ambitious but achievable fundraising target of £4,000,000 by 2022, these four fundraising programmes will support learners across the wider LSBU family, including our Academy schools and Lambeth College.

Who can support No Barriers to Brilliance?

Whether you donate money, time or experience, everyone can help to remove barriers and allow brilliance to shine. We’re interested in building partnerships with employers and vision-aligned organisations, as well as hearing from individuals, Trusts and Foundations that can support our ambition. LSBU alumni, no matter what stage of their journey they’re at, can also support No Barriers to Brilliance by giving back their time in one of five ways – visit to find out more.


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