Salne Fashion Student Gains Placement

Fashion Student Chloe Roberts gains experience at London Fashion Week.
Salne Liaudanskyte Fashion Student recently worked at London Fashion Week on a placement with Fashion Scout, who give a platform to young, up and coming designers who may not have the opportunity otherwise. She shares her thoughts on her experiences there and on our Fashion course.

How was your placement experience at London Fashion Week?

Going to London Fashion Week was one of the best experiences I ever had. I was volunteering in the backstage but had the opportunity to go to the Front of House and see the shows, which was very exciting. I mostly enjoyed meeting new people from the industry and networking. It was an amazing opportunity to get to know other volunteers, models, designers, and other industry professionals.

I was always interested in fashion events and I’m glad that I’ve seen how things work during London Fashion Week. Everyone has their roles and must be incredibly organized and hard-working to deliver the perfect fashion show. I was surprised to see how quickly any problems which occurred were solved in the backstage before or during the show, as everyone is just working towards the same goal.

What have you learned during your placement?

I learned that working in the backstage is not something I would pursue in the future. I’m glad I did that because I realized that I would like to be on the other side of the event, which is PR and Digital Creation, rather than the actual production of the event. I think volunteering in the backstage is great for everyone, to get the experience, but mostly, for people who want to become designers, make-up/hair artists, dressers, or production managers.


After this experience what will be next for you?

For my future, this was a very valuable experience, as next year I already have a vision to join the Digital Creators team, or during the year do a PR internship and attend London Fashion Week with my PR agency, as an example. I think that networking, hard-work, ambition, and my passion for fashion will open a lot of doors for me in the future and I will forever be grateful for such an incredible starting point.

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