Patient, Carer and Public Involvement in COVID Recovery

Patient, Carer and Public Involvement in COVID Recovery

This work was commissioned the Joint Programme for Patient, Carer and Public Involvement in COVID Recovery, a partnership between Guy's and St Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust (GSTT) including Evelina London Children's Hospital and Royal Brompton and Harefield hospitals (RBH) and King's College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust (KCH). The programme is funded, over two years, by Guy’s & St Thomas’ Charity and King’s College Hospital Charity to ensure the involvement of patients, carers, and the public in ongoing changes and the development of services necessitated by the COVID pandemic.

The programme is working with patients, carers and the public to understand:

  • shifts in public attitudes and behaviours toward accessing care in different parts of the healthcare system and the risk that patients and the public may retract from accessing the care they need now or in the future
  • how changes made, or being made, continue to affect patients, their families and carers experiences’ of accessing care, using new or rapidly changing models of care
  • variations in experience of care between different protected characteristics
  • how we can improve and further develop services

As part of the programme’s activities, an extensive scoping, identification and prioritisation exercise was carried out to refine the focus of the programme. This resulted in the prioritisation of the following three projects:

  • Virtual access to care
  • Waiting for treatment and self-management
  • Long COVID

London South Bank University’s Health Systems Innovation Lab and People’s Academy have supported the delivery of the three projects.The scoping desk research for all 3 projects can be found below:

Virtual Access to care scoping desk research

Waiting for treatment and self-management scoping desk research

Long COVID scoping desk research

Joint Programme for Patient and Public Engagement

Please see the below webinar, which features Professor Becky Malby explaining the outcomes of the project:

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