Universal Healthcare National Inquiry

The Universal Healthcare Network identified that the NHS has, with the best intentions, been complicit in providing unequal healthcare in three ways. This inquiry sets out our investigation into how the NHS can address the challenges of Universal Healthcare by how it designs and provides services based on health needs. Please click on the below buttons to access the full report and the Easy Read report.

Full National Inquiry Report

Easy Read Executive Summary

As part of the inquiry, we sought out ordinary clinicians, managers and volunteers doing extraordinary things to make healthcare fair for all. Rowan (R.O.A) Munson, one of the authors of the national inquiry report, spoke with these individuals and created a bank of case studies which show how developing fair services for all is within reach. Please click on the button below to access video clips of these case studies.

Case studies from the national inquiry

In creating this report, the national inquiry leaders worked with countless individuals, groups and collectives and worked to bring together their views under key recommendations. Please click on the button below to learn a little more about the four primary authors of the national inquiry report.

About the authors