Business advice services

For tailored solutions to your business needs, look no further

If you have identified an area of the business mix that you need some support in, a particular problem that you want to solve, or an opportunity that you want to evaluate, the student-led Business Solutions Centre can help you.

The Business Solutions Centre is staffed by Student Advisers who have been through a comprehensive recruitment and training process. A member of LSBU staff will supervise the Advisers.

How it works

A consultation from the Centre is free and easy to arrange - simply follow these steps.

Infographic displaying the process of the Business Solutions Centre

Typical business challenges

  • How can I use social media to support business growth?
  • How can I write a business plan?
  • How can I evaluate the cost and benefit of new premises, or a new employee?
  • How can I seek potential funding or resources?
  • How can I market my business on a low marketing budget?

You will receive bespoke solutions for your business, such as:

  • Consultancy projects delivered by students with appropriate expertise
  • Internships or ongoing paid employment, allowing our students to support your business
  • Signposting to appropriate LSBU or other local services

Areas of expertise

You can tap into the following expertise within the School of Business' academic staff and trained Student Advisers:

  • Business development and planning
  • Tax and small business accounting
  • Marketing and social media
  • Forecasting and costing
  • Access to finance
  • Intellectual property
  • Project management
  • Consumer behaviour and brand management

Find out further information on LSBU's areas of business expertise.

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