Knowledge Transfer Partnerships

We can help you with business development

We give you access to LSBU's expert knowledge, as well as unique funding sources like the KTP scheme, to help you turn your business ideas into real business opportunities.

We can help you with business development, improving or introducing business processes and services, developing technologies, establishing new capabilities, and increasing efficiency.

KTP funding

With 150 projects under our belt, LSBU is one of the leading Universities for KTP in the South East.

Our flagship programme is the Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP), which is supported by Innovate UK.

For every £1 million invested in KTP, £4.8 million profit is generated and 30 new jobs are created.

Innovate UK

With up to two thirds of a KTP project being funded by government grants, a KTP is a three-way partnership between commercially-focused academics from LSBU, your business and graduate/postgraduate associate working full time on the project. The partnerships are designed to introduce and embed change within your organisation.


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Read about how we have helped organisations to implement change and grow.

Infographics and stories

Key20 Media Infographic thumbnail

Establishing a new business function and revenue stream at Key20 Media.
Key20 - infographic (PDF File 107 KB)

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Fulcrum Consulting Infographic thumbnail

Exploring a brand new low carbon technology with Fulcrum Consulting.
Fulcrum Consulting - infographic (PDF File 99 KB)

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Construction Youth Infographic thumbnail

Calculating the financial value of social impact with the Construction Youth Trust.
Construction Youth Trust - infographic (PDF File 92 KB)

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Bond Display Cabinets Infographic thumbnail

Streamlining the new product development process at Bond Display Cabinets.
Bond Display Cabinets - infographic (PDF File 93 KB)

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Jellyfish Media Infographic thumbnail

Using data management to increase efficiency at Jellyfish Media.
Jellyfish Media - infographic (PDF File 87 KB)

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My company is just completing its second very successful KTP with LSBU. Not only have we managed essential change processes that benefit the company's efficiency and profitability, but have also gained a highly competent and valuable team member.

Ian Wood, Managing Director, Adande Refrigeration