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Vice-Chancellor discusses work placements, fees and marketisation on BBC's Today Programme

LSBU’s Vice-Chancellor, Professor David Phoenix, speaks to BBC Radio 4’s Today programme about providing students with the best support and services
18 August 2016

Speaking live on BBC Radio 4's Today Programme with presenter Matthew Price, on the day before Clearing, LSBU's Vice-Chancellor Professor David Phoenix spoke of the importance of Higher Education institutions providing students with the best support and services, in what has become an increasingly competitive environment.

He said: “Certainly at London South Bank University, what we have done is move to a point where we guarantee all our students work-based experience and access to industries and professions, which is what they tell us they want as part of their provision."

Discussing the competitive Higher Education market he went on to say: “I think competition’s been there now for a number of years because the cap came off a few years ago so universities are now used to having to compete for students.

“I think it’s a benefit for both [students and universities], because in terms of the student’s perspective they know the universities are keen to attract them, but in doing so what the universities are seeking to do, at least all the ones I’m associated with, is to try and make sure they provide the best support and services they can for universities”.

When asked about the difficulties arising from government cuts, Prof. Phoenix talked of the importance of university reputation as a contributing factor to draw student interest. He said: "As a university now we only get about 10 per cent of our funding through government direct, the rest comes through fees and other sources. [...] Actually, what makes the big difference for the future is the reputation of the university, and the reputation of the university is based on how well students do”.

Listen to the full interview on BBC iPlayer, 1 hour 50 minutes in.

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