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London South Bank University halves its gender pay gap

LSBU has halved the difference in pay between its male and female staff since 2009, significantly out-performing the rest of the higher education sector
06 March 2018

London South Bank University (LSBU) has halved the difference in pay between its male and female staff to an average of 6.7 per cent (mean) from 13.25 per cent in 2009, significantly out-performing the higher education sector as a whole.  

LSBU currently has a gender-balanced workforce: 52 per cent of staff and 49 per cent of the University's professoriate are women. The University also has an equal proportion of female staff (49 per cent women to 51 per cent men) in the upper quartile salary band.  

These results stem from analysis completed at LSBU between 2007-2011, when an extensive job evaluation and salary restructure was carried out to reassess remuneration and create parity across all roles. The re-evaluation resulted in a salary upgrade for lower paid manual and administrative staff and the addition of pay increases.

Mandy Eddolls, Executive Director of Organisational Development and HR at LSBU said: “LSBU is committed to promoting equality of opportunity for its staff and this is reflected in the significant reduction within our workforce to a 6.7 per cent gender pay gap since 2009.

“Our aim is to create an environment which attracts and fosters the very best staff, within which all employees feel their achievements are equally and fairly valued and rewarded.

“We have already made significant progress but we still have a way to go in terms of boosting the number of women in the upper staff bracket.”

Read LSBU’s gender pay gap report (PDF File 546 KB) with a commentary on our aims, challenges and plans.