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London South Bank University hosts TEDx event

London South Bank University hosted an independently-organised TED event which saw students and academics sharing their "ideas worth spreading"
28 May 2014

LSBU student Ashley Storer-Smith organised TEDxLondonSouthBankU which saw five LSBU students, academics and researchers pitch their "ideas worth spreading" to a live audience.

Founded in 1984, TED talks cover almost all topics—from science to business to global issues—in more than 100 languages. Independently-run TEDx events like this one help share ideas in communities around the world.

TEDxLondonSouthBankU was held in LSBU's Edric Theatre in March and the talks are now available online for free.

Multiple-choice tests without the guesswork

Dr Martin Bush

Multiple-choice tests are very efficient, says LSBU informatics lecturer Dr Martin Bush—but when test takers make guesses their score will depend partly on their luck. In his TEDx talk Dr Bush explains how the impact of guesswork can be reduced—or even eliminated entirely—by using novel test formats.

The talk is based on Dr Bush's paper "Reducing the need for guesswork in multiple-choice tests", which has been published in the academic journal Assessment & Evaluation in Higher Education. Working together with two partners, Dr Bush has developed a web-based platform——that automatically transforms PowerPoint or PDF documents into interactive online tests.

Placing tech in people's hearts; because we're addicted!

Ross MacIntyre

How often do you look at your mobile phone on a daily basis…? 10 times, 60 times? A recent study suggests that the average mobile user reaches for their phone at least 150 times!

So what are we doing with our phones and how is technology impacting our lives? LSBU student Ross Macintyre is completing an MSc in digital marketing and explores how we're using technology in our everyday lives, and how it'll continue to become a part of us—literally!

Preoccupied in the 21st century

Thomas Boulding

Thomas Boulding, a third-year LSBU student studying towards a BSc in occupational therapy, reflects on his own preoccupations with technology. This reflection ignites an exploration behind the meaning of occupying our time and the effects technology-based activity can have on us from an occupational therapy perspective: on our physical skills, cognitive abilities, and ultimately, our health and wellbeing.

Business as usual is over

Camilla Weichert

Sustainable businesses require sustainable leaders which in turn demands sustainable business models, argues LSBU business management student Camilla Weichert. This talk focuses on a way of increasing the level of consciousness to the business environment through a new model, 'companization', which will support these leaders to operate transparently with a greater common goal.

The over-sexualisation of lesbians, a personal perspective

Katie Cattermole

This talk aims to bring to light the discrimination that third-year LSBU sociology student Katie Cattermole faces with regard to her sexuality. It also encompasses how she has personally been affected, in day-to-day life, by the over-sexualisation of lesbians within the porn industry and wider society.