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Sustainability in construction must be driven from the top

Failure to link leadership to sustainability in the construction industry has been laid bare by a new book by an expert at London South Bank University
11 February 2015

Dr Alex Opoku in LSBU's School of the Built Environment and Architecture asserts in his new book - Leadership and Sustainability in the Built Environment – that the real impact of legislation and guidelines designed to promote sustainability within the construction industry is closely linked to the leadership behind it.

"The book identifies the specific drivers, challenges, leadership roles and styles which can influence the promotion of sustainability practices in the delivery of construction projects," said Dr Opoku. "It could serve as a guide to all construction organisations that have the desire to adopt sustainability in construction and bring about true change in this vital aspect of the built environment around us."

Featuring research from five different continents, the international scope of Leadership and Sustainability in the Built Environment allows a comparison of experiences in different types of economies and cultures.

Dr Opoku is a senior lecturer in quantity surveying at LSBU, with an extensive portfolio of research examining the sustainable built environment.

Leadership and Sustainability in the Built Environment was published in February 2015 by the Routledge (Taylor & Francis Group).