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Short course for new food technology teachers

The Dept of Applied Sciences recently delivered a one day training course for 20 new, post-graduate food technology teachers from the University of East London
01 November 2013

The event was part of a joint initiative to increase the flow of qualified food scientists / technologists into all elements of the food knowledge and supply system and raise the profile of food technology.

The morning event included an interactive computer session about food labelling requirements and the teachers used some commercial software suitable for teaching young people in schools. Dr Ken Spears of the Dept of Applied Sciences used the session to introduce the students to the Institute of Food Science and Technology (IFST) website and the resources available through the Schools Affiliation Scheme. In the afternoon, the students worked in groups to prepare a new, healthy canned soup and to package the product in a can. The students were shown how to seal the can and sterilise the contents in order to achieve a suitable thermal process lethal to pathogenic bacteria. They thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to use process facilities not normally available to them and to gain ideas for their own practice with pupils.

This was an excellent continuing professional development (CPD) opportunity for teachers to increase their knowledge in food science and technology, to learn about the benefits of IFST affiliation and, both directly and indirectly, have an influence on the career paths of young people.