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ServiceMarks reflect LSBU's commitment to the student experience

LSBU is the first UK University and organisation to achieve four ServiceMarks, for commitment to delivering maximum value university experience
09 August 2016

At London South Bank University (LSBU), we believe that 'customer' is not a dirty word. It’s a reminder that the needs of our students remain at the heart of everything we do.

We spend time talking to our students, understanding what they want, and we use that information to improve the delivery of our services and overall customer experience.

Achievements in customer service

In recognition of our commitment to excellence in this area, LSBU’s Accommodation Service, Library and Learning Resources, Student Life Centre and the Academy of Sport all achieved a ServiceMark standard from the Institute of Customer Service.

The University is currently the only UK university to hold four ServiceMark accreditations, having scored more than five points above average for the education and research sector.

A survey by over 1,000 users also revealed that the University measures considerably higher than the average for the public sector on measures of professionalism, friendliness, efficiency and quality.

Ian Mehrtens, Chief Operating Officer at LSBU, commented:

“At LSBU we are focused on giving our customers a maximum value university experience.

“Students make a huge commitment over three years, and for that they deserve to know that they will receive the very best service.

“This means matching our commitment to providing high-quality teaching, and applying it across the student experience as a whole.

“The receipt of four accreditations from the Institute of Customer Service is a testament to the hard work and dedication we are putting into this area and across the entire university. And it’s brilliant to know that students are benefiting from the academic and pastoral support available to them.

“We will now be working hard to implement the ideas and improvements generated from the ICS surveys in order to further improve our services.”

Dr Markos Koumaditis, HR Deputy Director, commented:

"Since 2014 we have worked with the Institute of Customer Service to improve our services in order to meet the needs of our students.

“In 2016, students are customers. Academic standards should not be compromised to provide students with world class customer service, and it doesn’t have to.

“At LSBU, we believe that developing capabilities and skill-sets should be at the heart of the sector’s agenda.”

Dedicated to quality experience

At LSBU, we focus on giving students an exceptional university-wide experience. Student success is not only determined by the quality of the teaching available, but also the quality and value of the experience as a whole.

The higher education landscape is changing. Rising tuition fees mean that institutions are looking for new ways to gain a competitive advantage. Providing a best-in-class student support service has therefore never been more important. 

LSBU is committed to ensuring that our academics and staff are delivering on their commitments to support our customers and ensuring that our students’ outcomes are what they expect them to be.

Visit the website to find out more about customer service at LSBU.