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Queer-identifying religious youth research project exhibited at LSBU's Weeks Centre

An exhibition to showcase the work of young religious people from the LGBT community will take place at LSBU's Weeks Centre for Social and Policy Research
01 May 2014

The exhibition features a range of powerful artwork and mind maps created by young people as part of 'Making Space for Queer Identifying Religious Youth', a project which sought to look at the experiences, choices and identities of LGBT religious youth across the UK.

The artwork by 38 participants in the project will be on display at the Weeks Centre for Social and Policy Research, the internationally renowned research centre known for its pioneering work in gender and sexuality.

The exhibition is the culmination of initial findings from this ongoing project, funded by the ESRC (Economic and Social Research Council), which explores both religion and sexuality in young people's lives. It highlights young people's understanding of religion and the relationship between everyday religious practices and sexual identities.

On display will be numerous images, drawings, reflective diary extracts and colourful mind maps from the collected research.

The exhibition will displayed on the mezzanine level of the Keyworth Centre during two events over the summer: the first, a book launch and wine reception following the Queer Youth Histories Workshop on 19 June 2014. Visitors to the Critical Diversities Conference on 10 and 11 July will also have the opportunity to view the exhibition.

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